The team at Specials Lighting Design are proud to say throughout the first half of a very busy 2017 we have completed in full and on time a number of significant projects.

Wharf Road, an interesting project utilising our SL50UD range in an innovative array to produce a unique lighting scheme.  Recently completed with a project value of over £230,000.

Hanover Square, a 6 storey installation incorporating both our SL50 and SL50P luminaires in a range of different ceiling systems to site dimensions.  Project value £125,000.

University of London, a more complex installation with a diverse range of luminaire styles designed and built to complete the £65,000 project.

Wardour Street, a medium sized installation utilising both our SL50S and SL38P providing very clean lines of light and a pleasantly lit environment, with a project value over £50,000.

Grosvenor Street, allowed us to showcase what we are very good at, providing linear light to very exact lengths and shapes with our extremely popular SL50 extrusion.

Saffron House, a large project spread over 3 floors comprising of our SL50UD, SL50R and SL50P.  Happily completed at the beginning of the year with a project value of £180,000.

Union House, a project comprising of 4 floors incorporating our ever popular PSS2 luminaires, along with downlights and ancillary items, successfully completed project of over £80,000.